Lydia’s Story-South Sudan

Lydia tried to stay busy by being involved in many different areas of responsibility in her school. Although this felt satisfying, it left little time for friends and she was lonely. When she felt overwhelmed with all of her commitments at school, Lydia would stay home and further isolate herself from her friends.

One day, Lydia met Salama, a Young Life leader at her school. Salama got to know her, and eventually told her about Young Life and invited her to a club. Lydia could not imagine adding another thing to her plate, but something inside urged her to go.

At club, Lydia felt like she was home. The games and activities helped relieve the stress that had built up inside of her. But to Lydia, the best part of the night was hearing about the God who loved her regardless of her achievements. This truth moved her and motivated her to return to Young Life club and to keep spending time learning about God from Salama. Now, Lydia says the only thing that makes her feel whole is the love she receives from God and while attending Young Life — not from what she can achieve at school.

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