Walking Alongside Teenagers in Everyday Life-South Sudan

David Nyoma is the Young Life country representative for South Sudan. David gave his life to Jesus in 1992 and since then has been pursuing Christ. Besides his role in Young Life, he is also a pastor at his local church. He first heard about Young Life through a colleague who had been a Young Life leader. What he heard made him want to attend a local Young Life training and ever since then, David has fully devoted himself to the ministry. As a country representative, David has focused on growing the ministry in South Sudan. He works closely with Martin and key leaders and now supervises 23 clubs, 71 leaders, and 500 kids who attend clubs. He is currently focused on mentoring more leaders to strengthen them in ministry and in reaching out to the community to create more awareness about Young Life. Recently, a pastor shared with David that since young people started attending Young Life, he has noticed great changes in them. They are better behaved, more responsible, and active in church. This brings him joy! God is using him and Young Life to change lives in South Sudan. As David continues to help build up Young Life in South Sudan, he is excited to see the impact it will have in the country and beyond.

“The best part of Young Life is walking alongside teenagers in everyday life and helping them to grow in their faith. The leaders alongside me feel like family.”


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