Leader/ Senior Campaigner Camp, Swaziland

In May, a group of leaders and seniors gathered for a day of dancing, card games, laughter, and sharing ministry stories. This was a great time of training for these rising leaders. Here is a story from one of the campers:

“It was an enlightening experience and worthwhile. I loved how practical it was and the facilitators did an excellent job with sharing true stories that helped one understand purpose and responsibility. Being taught about the importance of attitude and forgiveness was also life-changing. And the selection of people we did outreaches to were proper and added value to our experience. I came out of the training wanting to change many lives and since then I have always used the Young Life model to everyone I encounter as the best way to reach out to the lost and also make a direct impact on the lives of people we live with. The interaction with the youth leaders was also quite eye-opening as their experiences helped me grow in certain aspects I battled with, I’m very grateful to have been a part of the training and hope to be part of others in the future.”

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