Outreach Camp, Swaziland

In June, 60 campers gathered in Big Bend, a town in eastern Swaziland. In two wonderful days, campers shared fun memories and made new friendships, all while hearing about the word of God. By the end of the camp, 13 kids decided to give their lives to Christ! Here is one story from the weekend:


“Camp was amazing. The fun there was one-of-a-kind, which I have never had before. When we got there, we played games, then hiked (which was my first hike), and then had a club. After that we had lunch, then supper, then the real fun begun. We had music and danced, with performances from Christian Hip Hop artists, Skeel and Switch. The night was a bit cold but we had too much fun to be let down. On Sunday I enjoyed the talk so much that I decided to give my life to Christ. All in all, this was an awesome and I’m looking forward to the next camp!!”

We thank God for this great camp and how Chloe and 12 others have decided to live for Christ. Please keep these campers in your prayers!

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