Swaziland College Sports Camp

November 11-13, 2016

“Hey Sambo, there’s a camp coming and I want you in.” These eleven words changed Sambo’s life for eternity. Sambo, along with 63 fellow college students all from different schools in the Manzini and Shiselweni areas gathered together for a rainy weekend Young Life camp. Sambo, like any other college student, was hesitant to attend camp because of looming assignments and upcoming tests. But it was here at Young Life camp that Sambo laughed harder than ever before, ate some of the most delicious food he’s ever tasted, made new friends and played a ton of crazy games. Senty, another girl at camp, described the games and skits as “the crazy Young Life club, because those people are just crazy and will leave you crazy!”

But amidst the crazy, Sambo and Senty both heard the Word of God. Here, they learned of God’s overwhelming love that “plasters us with His overflowing graces and blessings that sustains us.” The gospel reminded these students of who they really are, and gives them hope in the love of Christ. A highlight for many of these students was cabin time, where Allen says “we learned how to build a proper relationship with God.”

Here, seven commitments to Christ were made. That’s seven new lives joining the family of believers for eternity! Furthermore, that’s seven potential Young Life leaders who will continue to lead others to Christ. As Sambo graciously proclaimed to the Young Life leaders, “wherever you are, remember you are showered with God’s blessing for the great work you do in spreading the Gospel and touching more hearts.”

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