Swaziland Outreach Camp

April 15-17, 2016

Sambulo is seventeen years old and attends high school, where there are a lot of negative influences, including alcohol and drugs. He joined Young Life two years ago and got to go to camp this year. He was amazed by the leaders who were “friendly, somehow funny, and welcoming and helpful advisors.” Before the camp, “I was somehow ‘nowhere’ in my mind and out of direction about the fact of being a young person, but now I have clarity and I’m aware of things that can make my future life miserable. I also know that God is a pillar of strength in all my ways and Young Life will help me to have a great life. My leader, who is also my spiritual brother, has been a great guy on my journey towards the camp and until today he has been so great to me. Young Life, I can say, is love to me and a family to all of us. My life was transformed after the camp and I can see a change in all of my actions and behavior. I now live with God in my life and I need more of Him and support too.”

James is thirteen years old, also in high school and loves Young Life. He lives with his mother, father, two younger sisters and his father’s brother in a rural area. In his neighborhood, most of the young men do drugs and alcohol and he almost became involved in this activity. “At my school there was this thing called Young Life, so I joined because it had things that could make me a better person and it had a camp. I wanted to see what the camp was all about. At the camp there were children from other schools and I made lots of new friends – there was no fighting! The camp had some field games and clubs where God was praised and some people were even born again. The leader at the camp shared a message about God and we heard more during our cabin times. My leader shared about God and that’s when and where I believed that God is always with us and that He protects us. I was also happy I was born again; my parents were happy because it made me change and they want me to go on with Young Life.”

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