Arusha Outreach Camp

Kids come to associate Young Life with fun activities, upbeat songs and dancing, and friendship. Even more so though, Young Life is often a place where kids feel accepted and come to hear about God’s powerful love in a life-transforming way. This was the experience Moses had at Young Life camp this June. Here is his story:

Moses is 20 years old, and he currently lives in Arusha town with both parents.

Three years ago Moses stopped going to church, because he felt the church leaders were unwelcoming.  According to him, the church leaders were not considerate to young people and children, treating them instead as adults. Moses also related an unpleasant service at church in which he felt his voice was being minimized and ultimately, ignored. These factors pushed him to abandon the church altogether.

However, things turned around when Moses came to Young Life camp. At camp, he was astonished to hear the word of God spoken in an inviting and positive way. He said he had been missing hearing messages about God for a very long time. In fact, at camp, he sometimes got annoyed when people murmured during the club talks, because he loved the messages and did not want to miss a single word from the speaker!

At camp, Moses accepted Jesus as Lord and savior of his life. In addition, after hearing the messages about God at camp, he promised to start attending church services again.

Alongside the 450 kids who were at camp with Moses, 236 others also decided to commit their lives to Christ, including 20 Muslims. We are rejoicing in how God is moving in Tanzania and throughout these kids’ lives!

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