Tanzania Outreach Camp

June 10-12, 2017

Over 380 kids came to Dar Es Salaam for this Young Life camp at the beginning of June. One hundred and nine of these kids came from Muslim families, eight had physical disabilities and four were teen moms. It was beautiful to see kids from diverse backgrounds, each with their own individual story, come to experience the love of Christ at this camp. Sophia is one of 34 Muslim girls who attended this camp. She is 19-years-old and studying at the high school level. Sophia’s story is an interesting one. She was known to fall unconscious at school and even at Young Life club. She frequently went to the hospital, but nothing was ever discovered. Her leader Victoria invited her to camp, but Sophia claimed she was afraid of collapsing there.

On the last day of camp, Sophia surprised everyone by standing up and accepting Christ.

So Victoria told her she would be by her side the whole time, and Sophia agreed to go. In a cabin of 12 girls and Victoria, Sophia didn’t have any friends and was unhappy the first day of camp. But on the second day, Sophia heard about Jesus. She began to cry, and admitted that she had been doing “very bad acts of displeasing God, and did not want anyone to know about them.” Apparently, Sophia pretended to have a fainting problem in order to gain attention from her peers. But then she said “I don’t want this anymore,” and her leader invited her to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She was fearful to do so because her parents are Muslim, but on the last day of camp Sophia surprised everyone by standing up at and accepting Christ during the “Say-So.” We are praising God for Sophia’s transformation, and the 212 new believers who are leaving this camp with new life, including 65 Muslim commitments. Join us in praying for them as they begin their walk with Christ, and as many of them will experience persecution from their families because of this change.

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