Tanzania Outreach Camp

June 9-11, 2017

Over 400 kids attended this Young Life outreach camp in Mwanza, Tanzania. This included 190 Muslim kids, 2 teens with disabilities, 18 orphans and 12 teen moms. Every kid, everywhere, for eternity – that’s what Young Life is about. Over 36 volunteer leaders and 30 work-crew members sacrificed these three days to serve these kids and love them like Jesus loves. Mary is one of 98 girls who came to this camp, and is 16 years old. Her life has been one of instability, abandonment and shame. After her mother died when she was young, Mary’s father abused her physically and emotionally. She finally escaped to live with her brother, and after living there for a few years had to leave when he got married. After that, Mary ran away to Mwanza, where she didn’t know anybody and instead lived on the streets. Here, she ran into a volunteer who had helped take care of her mother while she was sick.

“I am nothing in this world. Jesus please forgive me.”
– Mary, camper

This volunteer took Mary in for two years, but one day the relationship turned south and Mary was no longer cared for there. She returned to the streets and decided to work in restaurants, bars and even got involved in prostitution. Six months ago, Mary met a Young Life leader named Rehema, who invited her to camp. Mary didn’t tell Rehema any part of her story until their one-on-one time (a time for leaders and campers to connect and process the camp together). Through tears, Mary cried “I am nothing in this world. Jesus please forgive me.” After hearing her story, Rehema invited Mary to give her life to Christ and led her in the prayer of repentance. Three hundred and seventy one other kids joined Mary in her decision to follow Christ, including 97 kids from Muslim backgrounds. Join us in praying for Mary and the rest of these new believers as they continue to walk with Christ.

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