The Impact Of Invitation

February 2023

Glory’s parents died when she was just 14 years ole and she had to move in with her grandmother. Glory’s grandmother practiced witchcraft, and for years, Glory followed in her footsteps. One day she met a local Young Life leader named Beatrice and they began a friendship. Beatrice invited Glory to Young Life camp and Glory took her up on it. The speaker at camp shared about Jesus’ deep love for Beatrice, even in the midst of living a life of idolatry and sin. She committed her life to following Him. When she returned home, she stopped practicing witchcraft. Her grandmother did not approve of Glory’s new life with Jesus, but Glory stood her ground and would not deny her new faith. Glory was ultimately kicked out of that home, but she now lives with her uncle who is also a follower of Jesus. Glory is living a life of freedom in Christ, and it all began with an invitation.

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