God’s Amazing Love-Uganda

Okumu grew up with the knowledge of God but lost his way. He let friends pressure him into drinking alcohol, staying out late, and disobeying his parents. He was often in trouble at school and with his parents. However, Okumu was introduced to Young Life by a friend who connected him to a leader named Denis.

Denis invited Okumu to camp, and he couldn’t believe the love he had experienced. Even though he and his friends caused trouble every now and then at camp, the leaders just loved them as they were. When the speaker talked about God’s amazing love, Okumu was encouraged and wanted to be a better person and a good example to other teenagers in his school and neighborhood.

While listening to others share their stories during cabin time, he realized he was not the only one going through difficulties at home or struggling as a teenager. The testimonies gave him hope, and he decided to give his life to Jesus. When the leader prayed over them, he felt a calmness come over him. Okumu knows his journey in Christ will not be easy, but he is happy to have a team of friends ready to walk with him. His parents and friends have noticed the change and wonder about what happened to him at camp.

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