Uganda Camper Testimony

Before attending Young Life camp, Miremba had lost all hope and did not want to hear anything about God. She was battling a debilitating sickness and felt like He had abandoned her.

When Miremba’s area director learned about her situation she knew it was crucial to get her to camp. Miremba’s Young Life leader remembers her heart being very closed off to Jesus and her body was only surviving because of the injections she would receive for her tumor. 

Her leader finally convinced Miremba to come to camp. 

At camp, Miremba had the time of her life, but she was still feeling hopeless. Then, during a one-on-one her leader prayed for healing for Miremba and read the story about Jesus healing the woman who bled for twelve years. It was in that moment that Miremba’s life was changed forever. The Father not only healed her physical body but He healed her soul.

After attending Young Life camp Miremba’s life was totally transformed.

Following camp Miremba said, “After attending Young Life camp, I received healing from a tumor that almost paralyzed me. God is doing mighty things in my life and I have conquered the fear of death. I was counting my days on earth, but God raised me to life like Lazarus.” 

Miremba wrote a text message to her area director after camp saying, “I thank God because I was going for an operation but when the doctors took me today for the CT scan they found out that the tumor was not there anymore. The tumor used to have side effects like memory loss and being paralyzed, but I now have none of those things. I am scheduled for an operation next month but I believe they will not have to do an operation on me.”

We pray that Miremba’s life will truly never be the same. Join us in praising God for being the Healer of our bodies, souls and spirits! We pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to reveal His loving heart to teenagers of every walk of life across the continent of Africa and the Middle East.

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