South Africa Leader Testimony

Below is a testimony from one of our incredible volunteer leaders in South Africa.

“Hi, my name is Sam and I am from South Africa in Limpopo province in Waterburg district in Bela Bela. Before I came to Young Life I use to hang out with gangs which called themselves DNR meaning (DOG NO RESPECT ) and indeed we didn’t have respect for others and we use to hate church. Then one day I saw one of my street mates called Paul  going home with travelling bags and I asked him where he was coming from and he said Young Life camp. He invited me but because he was a church guy I thought that Young Life was a church and so I didn’t come. Until one day Paul and I were strolling together and he took me to a place where they were doing club. I saw what they were doing and they welcomed me with joy and I was so happy. I had so much fun at club and since then I have attended club every week.

 After going to Young Life, I stopped hanging out with those gangs because I found new and awesome friends in Young Life. Then one day, I heard one of the leaders talking about Campaigners and I was interested in it, so I asked if I could come. I started going and my life changed so much through Campaigners because I started to believe that God does exist. I realized I really need him because of the teachings I got from Young Life Campaigners.  I went to Young Life Campaigners camp in 2017 and they taught us about serving the Lord.  After camp, Paul and I talked about how we can serve God at church. I am really good at photography so I decided to use my gifts to serve my community. So now, every Saturday I am the photographer at church and in every Young Life club in Bela Bela. I also served in the outreach camp as a work crew member and now I am a leader. I started leading Campaigners in 2018 and in the same year I was a photographer in all camps and I loved it more than anything. I believed that I was serving God because I wanted to become a photographer in Young Life, church and other ministries. Young Life changed me. I no longer am disrespectful gang member. I am now a responsible, respectful,  believer of Christ Jesus.”

Please join us in praying that many other hearts in South Africa would be saved by the all-consuming love of God.

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