Eswatini Leaders Camp

August 17 & August 24 2019

This August, Young Life in Eswatini held back to back national leader’s trainings in order to reach and develop as many volunteer leaders as possible. A total of 70 leaders attended and were trained in contact work, taught how to share the gospel through club talks and were reminded of the importance of prayer and worship. Here are a few of the leaders’ stories: 

Bila, a new leader, shared about how excited she was to start checking out Young Life clubs in her community. “I’m greatly looking forward to visiting schools, going to club and taking kids to camp to instill what I’ve learned in them…Although I am concerned about the difficulty of making Christ known to teens, I know that through teamwork we can break it down so that they can understand what we know about who Christ is.”  

Thula loved all the learning at this leaders camp. “I felt very involved, like I was a part of the family – the whole Young Life team is so inclusive. And this camp revived me to ministry again! I see the passion from others and its inspiring.” 

Sambulo appreciates how Young Life cares about the young people who he thinks are often neglected in his community. “This really touched me to the core of my heart because young people are no longer given attention or love, and that is what they need more than anything.” 

Kelvin left the camp feeling informed and inspired. “What stood out for me was the whole idea of us being called to preach the gospel…and our own personal growth when it comes to our relationship with God. There is so much emphasis on brotherhood – being a family and supporting each other. Now that we have been trained, there is a lot to do as a young person who loves God.” 

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