Tanzania Outreach Camp

June 15-17, 2019

There were over 300 teenagers at this outreach camp in Arusha, Tanzania, each one bringing with them a powerful story. This group included 85 Muslims, four teen moms and three orphans. One of these orphans is Gabe, a 17-year-old high school student. Gabe shared his powerful story of loss and redemption while at camp. He spoke of his birth mother’s abandonment and how most of his life he has felt denied and abandon. For most of his life, Gabe lived with his father, until one day, his father passed away. His family tried to arrange for him to reconnect with his mom, but she refused to even see him. This broke Gabe’s heart, and yet he couldn’t stay away. He tried connecting with her again, found her number and called her on the telephone. When she answered, all she said was “forget me, don’t even think of me. Pretend as though your mother died during childbirth – I don’t want to hear anything concerning you again!” 

These words continued to haunt Gabe for years, leaving him anxious and depressed. He watched his friends receive love from their mothers and mourned his own. Eventually, this mourning led to Gabe to develop a deep hatred for his mother. 

While at camp, Gabe spent most of his days in tears. He continued to feel broken and lost because of his mother’s rejection. But while at camp, Gabe heard the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time in his life. Now, he knew that there was someone in the world who hadn’t left him like his mother had. He came to know how valuable and loved he is by God, and his purpose in this world. He realized that there is peace, joy and love in Jesus. 

Gabe forgave his mother and promised that after camp, he might again try to connect with his mother. This time, instead of approaching her in fear and anger, he wants to meet her in a loving way. He prays for their meeting and that God might change his mother’s heart. Instead of tears, Gabe left camp full of joy and peace. 

We praise God for this truly miraculous story of hope and healing in Gabe’s life! We ask that you join us in praying for their restored relationship. Pray too for the 216 teenagers who gave their lives to Christ at this camp! 

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