Zimbabwe Leaders Camp

Date: July 19-21, 2019

By: Bongiwe Ndlovu 

I was very excited to go to camp. We all gathered at the city hall on Friday, and everyone looked excited and happy to see each other. Hugs and handshakes were shared as we sat and waited for the bus to arrive. You could tell that we were a family.  When the bus arrived, we helped each other load our bags in the buses and we went off. The buses were filled with joy and laughter, and people were singing and clapping as we went. When we arrived at Thuli (the location of camp) the excitement grew wilder. We got to Thuli and we were given rooms where we left our bags and went for our indoor games while waiting for supper. People really enjoyed the games and we got to know each other a little bit more because we were from different areas. Later, we were called for supper – the food was delicious all thanks to the work crew! Our first club was blessed – we sang and danced as we praised and worshiped our God. We thank our brother Limkani Sibanda for allowing the Lord to use him as our club speaker. In the first club, he spoke about how the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah telling him that the Lord knew him before he was formed in the belly and that he was appointed to be a prophet of the nation. In the first club I learned that God knew me even before my parents did and that I was appointed to do a certain thing in the world, which is my calling. This was comforting, since I tend to look down on myself not knowing that the Lord is always there with me. 

Our second club we spoke about responding to our calling as we read Jonah, where we see Jonah fleeing from God’s calling to go to Nineveh. From our second club, I learned that God sees everything and that we cannot run away from Him. God’s calling is the key to our success.

The last day we had our father Patson Mpofu as the speaker. We prayed for our areas, we prayed for our friends and families, and we also prayed for Zimbabwe. I was blessed at this camp and learned a lot of things. I thank the Lord for giving me such a family in Young Life – people who will love you despite your differences. We left Tuli at around noon and I was very sad to say goodbye to all the people that I had met at camp, and I pray God protects them till we meet again.

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