Zambia Camper Testimony

September 2019

Young Life leaders in Zambia do ministry in all sorts of neighborhoods and are friends with kids from all kinds of backgrounds. They are friends with the wealthiest kids in  the most beautiful neighborhoods and they are friends with the poorest kids in the most dangerous neighborhoods. They believe and exemplify that love has no boundaries!

Dre is a volunteer Young Life leader in Zambia. While doing contact work he always saw these identical twins, James and John, from a distance. He had trouble approaching them at first, but he always noticed them. These brothers had a reputation of being some of the toughest kids in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods. 

Eventually Dre became friends with them. Last year in December the brothers attended camp and their hearts were totally opened to the gospel. They are still learning and growing. They ask difficult and thoughtful questions about Jesus. Dre says, “I know God is coming through for them with answers. And I am helping them to know who God is and His love for us. All the glory to God for my friendships with James and John.”

We praise God for paving the way for Young Life leaders to walk boldly into the most dangerous and most difficult places. We praise God for the friendships that have been built with the kids that seem the furthest away. We trust Him. Please join us in praying for continued boldness and increased faith for our Young Life leaders in Zambia.

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