Ethiopia WyldLife Camp

May 23-25, 2019

Over 300 WyldLife kids came together for camp late this May, and what fun it was! Imagine over 300 kids between the ages of 11-14, playing games, singing songs, dancing crazy and eating meals together – it was a beautiful, chaotic picture of joy and life. Fourteen of these kids came from Muslim families, and 150 were girls. 

Shannon and Sam are two sisters who attended this camp. They come from a family of Satan-worshippers, starting from their great grandmother and continuing throughout their family lineage. These girls were afraid of the spirit they felt possessed the women in their family, and always refused to worship like their mother and grandmother. Their Young Life leader Hiwot has had powerful conversations with the girls at their local Young Life clubs, and finally convinced them to come to camp. Here at camp, they heard the gospel of Jesus told as a whole story. They felt freedom from Christ come to them immediately, and while they know they will still be burdened by their family, they have found ultimate freedom in Jesus. 

Shannon and Sam join 89 other kids who gave their lives to Christ at this camp. We praise God for the freedom found in Him, and ask you to continue praying for these new believers! 

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