Mali Campaigners Camp

August 23-24, 2019

114 leaders gathered for an overnight Campaigners camp in Mali. At this camp leaders were refreshed, encouraged and taught. So many of the leaders that are daily walking with kids have incredible testimonies of their own. Below is just one of them. 

“I grew up not going to church regularly. Last year, when I was going to work in my father’s field, I heard the cries and songs of children. When I heard them I made a detour to see what was going on. When I got there I was met by a Young Life club. The message that was being spoken was about sin. I asked myself, “why not me too?” I listened carefully until the end and afterwards one of the leaders asked me to come again next week. Since that day, I’ve regularly not only gone to club, but also to church. I am now also a member of the choir! Young Life has changed my life on all levels: physical, emotional, economical, spiritual and social. I will continue to grow and be a courageous leader to other kids in our village.” – Mariam

We are praying that leaders like Mariam would continue to fall deeply in love with Jesus. We pray that they, too, are being fed, uplifted, and encouraged – just like the kids that they lead every single day. Please join with us in praying these things. 

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