Kenya Outreach Camp

August 13-16, 2019

There were 379 kids at this three-day outreach camp in Nairobi, Kenya. Of the 379, 139 were female and 31 were orphans. More staggeringly, 274 made commitments to following Jesus! Below are some of their stories. 

“Young Life makes my life better and helps me understand the meaning of living together. Young Life makes my life simple, helps me avoid drugs and teaches me how to be creative. My life was miserable and I did not understand. Now I can read the Bible! It teaches me how to make a good decision like avoiding bad company. Young Life has made me know myself. Young Life also helped me live a good and peaceful life and has helped me to know drugs are bad. Now I will obey the word of God. I will be obedient and respect others and I hope God will help me. I am very inspired by my leader, God bless you all.” – Mercy

When I came to camp I was so lonely and seeking for God’s hope. I was totally ashamed of what I had been through and was seeking people’s attention. I was inspired while I was at camp. First I was inspired in Jamila’s story which was similar to mine. I gained a lot of courage and hope to overcome my problems. I swear from now on I will follow Jamila’s advice to follow Jesus Christ.  I thank God for this opportunity that He granted me.” – Monica

“This camp was awesome! At the beginning on Tuesday we were welcomed with open arms by the work crew. Everything we did, especially the games, were amazing. The motivational speaker Jamila changed my life with her stories which touched my heart. I learned that I am not the only one who has such problems. The bible verses she preached to us made me have a hunger for the bible stories which I have never bothered to read in the past. I just thank the Young Life leaders for this great job.” – Julie

What incredible testimonies! Join us in praying for these kids as they continue to learn how to walk with Jesus now that they are home from camp. Let’s pray together that they will continue to hunger for the Word and find friendship in the Friend Himself! 

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