Rwanda Outreach Camp

July 26-28, 2019

Outreach camp in Rwanda was nothing short of a miraculous time. This camp was attended by 328 high school aged youth. Many campers came lonely and confused and left with a family full of hope. One camper, Mercy, went home overflowing with the joy of the Lord. Read her testimony below. 

I grew up in a place where no one goes to church. However, even before I went to camp Young Life had started to change my life. I began to love it. Before camp, I did not have any brothers or sisters or even friends. I used to not talk to people or try to make friends. When I joined Young Life I stated making friends. I became so happy that my parents actually started to ask me what was going on. Because of Young Life I learned to pray and I have now seen Jesus. I thank my leaders for helping me get this far. Camp was so amazing. The food was the most amazing part. I wish I would stay there.” – Mercy

We are so grateful that lives are truly being changed at camps. Mercy went home not alone but with 273 new brothers and sisters in the faith. We pray that lonely lives would continue to be met my family. We praise Jesus for always showing up! 

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