Malawi Women Leaders Retreat

August 23-26, 2019

45 women leaders in Malawi recently gathered for a three day retreat. They danced, ate, played games and had great fellowship! At this retreat the women leaders talked about what it looks like to live a whole life in Jesus. They also talked about the importance of having a mentor and good community. Lastly, they learned more about how to lead a healthy Campaigners group! Here are some testimonies from the retreat.

“I experienced so much at ladies camp this year. I learned how to use my time well and set goals like what I want to achieve in the next 5 years. I also learned how to boost my spiritual life, build my faith in God and become closer to Him. Another great thing I learned was how to make friends. I met and got to know many knew people this weekend. I really enjoyed being here.” – Doreena

“My camp experience was so awesome! I got to be with new and old friends. I also learned a lot about the importance of mentorship and how to maintain a relationship by being faithful, available and teachable. Another thing I learned was how to be with my Campaigners group and help them grow. Lastly, I learned about being WHOLE and that I have to take care of all the aspects of myself – the physical, spiritual and mental too.” – Lisa

“Ladies camp has helped my faith grow. We had time to share the word of God together, as well as quiet time alone. This will help me walk with God and never walk in darkness as I will have the light of life. As I get closer to Him, He will give me clarity, confidence, direction and freedom from falling into sin.  The theme of the camp, whole, was fantastic. Also, the dinner dance was super great.” – Rose

Join with us in praying that these female leaders would continue to learn how to live whole lives in Jesus. We pray that their Campaigner groups would receive the fruit of what they learned at this retreat! 

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