Jinja High School Camp, Uganda

Young Life camp is a joy-filled place where kids form friendships, play fun games, and hear great messages about Jesus. In Jinja, a town in southern Uganda, 456 shared this experience of Young Life camp together. Of these kids, there were 98 orphans and 72 Muslims. The camp was a great success and 185 kids gave their lives to Christ. Here is one of those stories, written by Ernest Arinaitwe:

“Jamila is 20 years old. In her early high school, she joined a bad peer group which watered down her love for school, until she dropped out.

She had been told by friends about Young Life while in her school, but had not found interest in knowing more or joining club in the school. The club there would hold Thursday evenings. Dropping out from school, she further drew away from every possibility of being loved by God. At the same time, her father was getting weaker and developing poor sight. All this put Jamila between a rock and a hard place.

Early in 2018, she was contacted by Michael, the Area Director for area. She promised herself to attend camp, and even told her mom about it, so that she could begin securing camp contribution. She was able to make it to camp, where the Lord intentionally loved on her through the friends she met, everything at camp: games, music, food and the upfront skits In club.

“I thought God was speaking to me during the morning club where the speaker emphasized that God still cares about us in our weaknesses. I shivered and silently whispered to God to give me another chance.” Jamila recollects. In the say so club the next morning, Jamila was among those that renewed their lives to God.

Her current prayer is for God to enable her peacefully continue her studies, and become meaningful in society. “

We thank God for Jamila’s story and the many lives that were touched at this camp!

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