Kampala High School Camp, Uganda

It is a miraculous thing when God meets people in their brokenness and sin, and offers them life. Young Life camp is one of the places where many kids encounter this sort of life-transformational love. In Wakiso, Uganda, 503 kids (including 80 orphans and 96 Muslims) shared a Young Life camp experience. Here is a story from the camp, written by Ernest Arinaitwe:

“Davis is always full of humor. He will make you laugh about anything and everything. He first attended Young Life camp in 2014. His friend Kenny invited him to attend. Literally, he enjoyed the club time, because of the crazy dancing and skits. He confesses that the message did not first make sense to him. He also made friends, loved the meals, swimming and games. That time he was challenged with drug addiction. “I had carried some to the camp. I felt very vulnerable and needy.”

Somehow, he again found himself attending camp this year, where he completely gave his life to Christ. “After the first, I just went my way as though nothing had happened. But this time, I knew God wanted me to share His life in my heart.”

Davis comes from Jinja. He promised himself to be committed to ministry, and asked us to pray for his three friends that are still battling drugs. “I tried many times to break away from addiction, but only God can help anyone from this.” A week before the camp, Davis had purposed to stay away from drugs, and thought God would begin transforming him during and after camp. “I feel my life has purpose now. I can move on.” We keep praying for Davis and his friends. Amen”

We thank God for this camp! Please pray for Davis and the rest of the 178 kids who gave their lives to Christ.

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