The Young Genesis-Kakuru’s Story

November 2022

Kakuru grew up as an only child, but faced ultimate loneliness after losing both of his parents when he was just 13 years old. This dark time in his life caused him to withdraw from most of his friends, leaving him even more isolated. The only thing bringing him a small bit of joy was his love of dance. Around this same time, one of Kakuru’s remaining friends invited him to join a talent show run by the Young Life club in his village. He loved it and was invited to join a dance group in his neighborhood called Young Life The Young Genesis (YL TYG).

Joining this group made him feel loved, appreciated, and honored. After joining YL TYG, he began coming to club and campaigners in his neighborhood too. Eventually, out of the love he felt from his peers and leaders, he renewed his relationship with Jesus too! His guardian at home even sees how joyful he has become. Kakuru is so grateful for the new family God has given him through Young Life. Since then, Kakuru has become a Young Life leader and still uses his dance group to share the love of Jesus with other kids who are like him.

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