Arua High School Camp

August 31-September 2, 2017

This summer, 678 campers flooded Young Life camp in Arua, a small rural town in northwest Uganda, eager to play, worship, and hear about Jesus. Included in this number were 82 Muslims, 58 orphans, 330 males and 236 females. The 63 amazing leaders served this group tirelessly, returning with many stories. One of these leaders, Emmanuel, has his own testimony to share.

“Life was a silent struggle before I knew Christ’s love”
-Emmanuel, leader

Emmanuel came to Young Life when Stella, the Area Director of West Nile region, asked him to attend a club. “Stella had organized a leaders’ training and asked me to attend, from then on my interest peaked, and I became committed to the ministry.”

Emmanuel credits Young Life as the catalyst that turned his life around. Before coming to Young Life, he spent most of his time in isolation. He mentioned that “life was a silent struggle before I knew Christ’s love.” He never knew the love that existed in a community on mission for the Lord, but with the help of Young Life, Christ ignited a spark within him. Now, he describes himself as a man passionate about helping others overcome life’s obstacles and surrender their lives to God. Emmanuel’s mission is to pursue young men suffering from addictions for the sake of revealing Christ to them. Though he recognizes relationship building is a slow process with these men, he shared that “the few young men struggling with these addictions have found comfort in interacting with me, and slowly but surely they will come to the Lord.”



Emmanuel’s journey of faith has not been an easy one. After joining Young Life, he suffered from the rejection of his family in many ways. He voiced that they “sometimes think I am crazy or sold out to the wrong doctrine; they wonder why I have to spend many days away in ‘camps’ and move to many places for the same cause.” But, he states this resistance simply adds to the inner joy he has in knowing he is serving the Lord. Emmanuel not only pours out God’s love to others, but he is dedicated to fostering his own spiritual growth through attending bible studies and praying with his community.

Emmanuel currently leads club in Nebbi Town Secondary School together with two other leaders. We thank God for his life and his impact on the kids he serves! Leaders are the backbone of Young Life, and Emmanuel is just one among many that help further the kingdom by sharing the gospel with kids in Uganda. If not for dedicated leaders like Emmanuel and God’s provision, we may not have had 166 commitments at this camp! Please join us in praying for our leaders like Emmanuel, who are making a big difference in the lives of kids.

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