Uganda Outreach Camp: Arua

September 2016

Engemu’s Story

Engemu is stubborn and rebellious, like many boys at the age of 20. His distaste for authority caused him to drop out of school after the sixth grade, and he turned to gambling for entertainment and income. Engemu even fought with his father for land that he could sell in order to continue gambling. He describes his connection with gambling as “everything to me…I could gamble from morning to evening.” Emgemu was addicted to gambling and full of rage towards anyone who tried to stop him.

One day, Young Life leader Benard Nyakuta met Engemu while he was gambling with friends. Instead of joining them, he began to boldly share the gospel, and invited them to Young Life club. Engemu was hesitant to attend, but because of his friendship with Benard, and a genuine interest in who this Jesus was, he decided to go. Engemu had so much fun playing games at club, he kept attending. Eventually, Engemu decided to attend camp; he described it as “fantastic and amazing.”

At the end of camp, Engemu was invited to close the time in prayer. He realized then that he didn’t know how to pray, and describes this as a “turning point in his life.” Young Life leaders showed him love, and offered to teach him how to pray. Instead of feeling shamed, Engemu felt loved and cared for, even in his embarrassment.



Engemu devoted his life to Christ at this Young Life camp, and the Lord’s grace has just overwhelmed him. He no longer gambles, and instead has joined church choir at his new church. Now, he even serves as a Young Life leader in his neighborhood and continues to introduce lost kids like himself to Jesus Christ. Praise God for his redemptive work in Engemu’s life, and the other lives of the kids in the district of Arua!

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