Uganda Outreach Camp

May 5-8, 2017

Joseph is like many other boys and girls who have grown up in the mid-eastern region of Uganda, an orphan whose community was ravaged by war. Everyday, Joseph prays that “no country experiences war again.” After his father was killed by insurgents, his mother left him and he was left under the care of his grandmother. “I used to be a loner…and thought no one ever loved me,” describes Joseph. The intrusion of the Lord’s Resistance Army destroyed his community and left him an orphan and a refugee. To cope with his haunting past, Joseph turned to alcohol, and believed drunkenness was the only way to forget the horrors of his childhood. When a Young Life leader invited him to camp, he met Christians who loved Jesus, and Joseph was invited into the family of God. Now, Joseph says he can love others and share the gospel with them.

“I attended camp because I wanted to experience the love of Jesus, know Him and make Him known.”

– Sharon, camper

Dennis is 20-years-old from the Bukwo district. Due to parental negligence and recurring tribal conflicts, many kids in this district have been left devastated and resort to drinking, drug abuse, partying and gambling to bring them happiness and life. Dennis is no different, and says that before he joined Young Life “I could dance in disco halls for the whole night, and I used to sleep in the bars.” After attending Young Life camp, Dennis accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Since then, Dennis says, “My life has greatly changed. I have stopped drinking, I no longer go to night dance clubs, I am no longer stubborn and I now go to church.” He explained that his experience at camp, friendship with his Young Life leaders and peers, and the love he received influenced his decision to follow Jesus.

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