Zanzibar Outreach Camp

In June, 250 kids and leaders (including 110 Muslim teens) came to Young Life outreach camp in Zanzibar, a beautiful archipelago known as the “Spice Island,” off the coast of Tanzania.  Here amidst a strong Muslim influence in the surrounding areas, the name of Jesus was lifted up.  At the end of three fun-filled, yet reflective days, 40 kids accepted Jesus as their Savior and 11 of those kids were Muslim.  Here is one of their stories.

Ahmed is a Muslim teenager from a small Zanzibar town who moved in with his grandmother after his parents’ separation and didn’t have much supervision or guidance.  He shared with his Young Life leader that he had been struggling with sexual temptation, so much so that he was abusing girls (including his sister) and unable to concentrate on anything else.  He even had been arrested for rape.    But his Young Life leader didn’t give up on him, despite all the sinful behavior in Ahmed’s life, and invited him to camp.  At Young Life camp, Ahmed heard about Jesus’ love and forgiveness and wanted to repent from his past sin which had hurt a lot of young women.  Ahmed prayed a prayer of repentance and felt his burdens lift from his body.  He felt joy and peace in his heart.  He knew Jesus set him free from his addiction.  Along with Ahmed, we’re rejoicing that 39 other kids, including 10 other Muslim teenagers said yes to Jesus at camp.  Let’s pray for them as they begin their journeys of faith.

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