Chitungwiza Leaders Training

“Before I tell this unforgettable wonderful story I would want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ who made it possible for all the young leaders to be part of the Chitungwiza Leaders Training. I am grateful to all our Young Life donors for their love as they made it possible for us to go on this adventurous camp.

On Friday 27 April, we traveled safely going along, (and) it was more like a reunion than a journey. We had fun along the way and that’s how the adventure started.

Upon arrival at camp, it was a surprise to see that our camping site was all set up and we received a warm welcome from the assignment and work crew team. They were singing, dancing, and carrying our bags; it was more than happy and smiles all the way. We had an amazing dinner, and then (in the club room),  Lucy made introductions and we sang, danced, and prayed. My heart was overwhelmed and encouraged when she spoke about finding our purpose and why God created us. It was amazing and enjoyable to sleep in tents in a fun an adventurous place with 100%  natural environment.

On the issue of training, it was so impacting. Mia spoke about Young Life’s mission and vision and the importance of effective communication in our areas. We also did hand- on training on how to do a club: each team presented, corrections were made, and now I fully know how to do a club. Faith taught us about contact work guidelines and emphasized the importance of contact work in Young Life ministry. The training overall was full of life-changing moments for me, and I feel I have a lot to do for the gospel of Christ to move forward.

The camp was such an adventure: we did rope climbing, we played volleyball, mud pool, and tug-of-war. On Saturday night we had a campfire. It was a warm environment and we had a lot of fun sharing stories, short skits, and music. Lots of thanks to all our Young Life sponsors and friends who made this camp a success. May God bless you. Lots of Love.”

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