Zimbabwe Campaigners Camp

August 30, 2019

50 male and female Campaigner kids gathered at a Zimbabwean boat club where they had a fun-filled day learning the importance of family! One of the campers recalls her experience that day below. 

“As a new leader I knew no one but to my surprise l felt at home, loved and wanted. I realized that we are one family and that made me feel strong and blessed. I was taught a lot of things but specifically we learned about being humble. We were given tasks in groups and we were supposed to cook a meal. However, our ingredients were not enough. Our fellow friends had what we needed to complete our meal so we had to go and ask from other groups until our meal was finished. We learned that with pride we were not going to manage. l learned that we need to be united to work fast and reach our target. We snapped pictures as the venue was breathtaking. We got to know each other, shared jokes and played together. Above all, I promise to practice all that we learned as we invite lost souls to know Christ.” – Christina

We Praise God for what He did in the hearts of these Campaigner kids. Join us in praying that their Campaigner groups would begin to look more and more like Kingdom family!

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