YLU NUST Leaders Training (Zimbabwe)

This spring, 20 students gathered in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe, to receive training for the Young Life University ministry. Young Life University (YLU) takes Young Life’s mission for kids to know Christ and hear the gospel message, and carries it over into the college setting. One student, Elijah, has his own testimony to share from the training.

Elijah describes the training weekend as a “life-changing experience.” Before coming to the camp, Elijah had little knowledge of the YLU ministry. He left with insight into the ministry’s mission, as well as the answers to questions of who should do Young Life University, why they should do it, and how to do YLU.

A notable memory for Elijah was the prayer walk on Saturday morning.  Elijah describes the walk as “amazingly fun”, as it gave him the opportunity to “exercise both physically and spiritually” as well as “to listen to other people’s stories of their faith walk.”

The students also received further training on “living and maintaining a Christian life in the midst of the world we live in.” Pastor Green helped these students tackle questions on “dating and courtship, dealing with differences in leadership and the four weapons of ministry from Acts 2:42.”

This training weekend proved to be deeply impactful on a number of levels: students learned how to bring Young Life University to their campus, relationships among leaders were deepened and strengthened, and the leaders left with new knowledge of how to better pursue Christ in their everyday lives.

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