Outreach Camp in Matabeleland

August 23-25, 2017

Over 330 kids attended Zimbabwe Outreach Camp in Matabeleland at the end of August. One hundred and twenty-three of these kids were orphans. It was beautiful to see kids from diverse backgrounds, each with their own individual story, come to experience the love of Christ at this camp. Nashe and Zendaya share their transformative experiences below.


“We had an outreach camp where we learned a lot about how to live life with Christ. The camp was comprised of many individuals from different areas. We were involved in various activities such as games, singing, dancing, teachings, and also not forgetting eating which was one of my favorite activities! The games we played were exciting and we had lots of fun when we were playing them. They brought smiles to my friends' faces and that pleased me because there were some whom I have never seen smile and they would burst into laughter just because of these games.

The music team were tremendous! I felt my joy was rejuvenated because we sang songs I used to sing during my childhood and they felt like new songs. We were also taught new songs from other countries, which I really loved. I even taught my siblings at home and they also enjoyed them. I even picked up a few dance moves from my talented friends! The main purpose of camp was the message which was brought by our brother Sibanda Limukani. Who shared the story of his life and challenged us to look deep into ours and find God’s purpose for us. It all boiled down to the time when my friends gave their lives to Christ on the last day of camp which was great for all of us. It was the best time of my life and I thank God for it! Camp was so awesome that we all wished that it could go on forever!”


“My name is Zendaya and I attended camp this August. It was an amazing experience where I learned more about being a humble leader; from the dormitories, to the sports field, to the dining and club and finally at cabin time.

Firstly, I can say I had the best time of my life. I saw the hand of the Lord in the hearts of my friends I took to camp. About 90% of them were unsaved and attended camp to show off their fashionable clothes and eat lots of food and technically take a break away from home and house chores. It was so difficult on the first club to have cabin time with them because they saw it as useless, so I prayed in my heart and asked God to take over. This camp taught me that I can never do anything on my own. I need his light to make way and then I follow. I saw my friends opening up with reasons why they are not saved, why they do not attend church and why they ignore the gospel and the Lord gave me answers for some of them that changed their lives forever. Of the 90% that came unsaved, 40% of those received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! I remember many years ago I could care less who got saved and who did not, but this camp was when I realized the purpose of camp and how important it is to cry for a lost soul-God taught me that.

That was the best part about this camp, now I have new friends to talk about the Lord with, who see me as a sister both spiritually and physically. Apart from that, I built relationships even in sports games. I had to meet many different kinds of people. I got to teach others how to be a team, how to represent each other and how to support each other. I even got to play games with my area director and other leaders motivating us that no matter how big and famous you can be in the ministry, you are still a leader and a servant of the Lord. I enjoyed the food and hospitality of the work crew. Everything was amazing! Where there is God there is progress, for he will never leave a stone unturned. His will shall always prevail and he alone teaches us to be humble and true. I have learned different things from the camps I have attended, but what I learned from this one is unforgettable.”

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