June 1, 2020 | Martin Wamalwa

The Voice of Salvation

The voice of salvation is the voice which kids (and all of us) need to hear and listen to during this time of COVID-19; this is exactly what Young Life leaders are doing all over the world. Leaders are calling and sharing with kids. They’re reminding kids about the safety recommendations of washing your hands, sanitizing, social distancing and staying at home. As Young Life leaders, we go deeper to the spiritual need. We’re the voice of washing away one’s sin through the blood of Jesus. The voice of sanitizing one’s life through prayer. The voice encouraging distancing from areas and situations that lead us to be infected with sin through contact sharing.

The Voice Declaring Someone Washed Away Our Sin: Jesus Christ
Be the voice telling them His blood washed away our sin that was brought by the virus of the devil. Jesus did that by dying on the cross for us, and the washing was done when He said, “It is finished.” The virus of sin was defeated completely by the blood of Jesus. Our voice of salvation is meant to give hope to kids who have turned to other voices. Let us be messengers of a different voice: the voice of Jesus washing away our virus of sin, because He is the only person with power to wash away the virus. Let us continue sharing the voice of hope to our kids.

The Voice of Sanitizing
The chemical that sanitizes our mind and heart is worship. Worship can heal a troubled heart, mind and soul. Let us give our Young Life kids a voice of worship.

Let us do this through:
Word of God
Offering spiritual counseling
Repentance and reconciliation with God
Singing songs of hope and encouragement
Healing the troubled and confused souls of kids we minister to daily
Inviting people to Christ now
Praying Psalm 91, which reassures people of God’s protection

We are ambassadors of worship. Let us continue sharing that voice.

The Voice of Social Distancing
Be the voice telling them to distance themselves from evils that choke one’s mind and make it difficult to breathe life. Distance themselves from evil that influences us to be away from Christ. Let our voices be the ventilators bringing freshness in the air through Christ and the Holy Spirit, who counsel us to deal with evil; they help us keep out the air which seeks to contaminate our life and leads us to stay away from fellowship (places of hearing the great news of Jesus Christ). Let us be the voices that will enable kids to stay focused on Jesus Christ and ignore the voices of false hope which make them distance themselves from Christ.

Let us not be voices that promote selfishness, but build togetherness in Christ. Let us be the voice that calms violence in our mind, that destroys impossible acts and attitudes in our life. The voice that removes lust in our life. Let us sing the sound of distancing from the evil one, who is roaming in the world seeking to ruin our soul with doubts and hopelessness. During this time of COVID-19, let us be the voices of help to be calm and strong and stand up against the roaring lion seeking to destroy us (1 Peter 5:8).

The Voice That Enables Us to Stay at Home
We should stay in the house of Lord where there is peace, honey and milk (Exodus 3:8); where there is belonging, where our Heavenly Father loves us and welcomes each of us home, even if we’ve walked away from Him (Luke 15:17-20). This is a home where there is a loving family who values us: a home that is a model home, where we offer care to each other; where we motivate each other; where we develop each other and live in Christ: that is a spiritual life. A home where you live safely because you are dwelling in the shelter of the Most High (Psalm 91:1).

The Voice of Salvation
This is the voice of washing us away from sin; the voice of sanitizing our mind and heart in Christ; the voice that distances us from evils; the voice that enables us to be at home where there is the presence of Christ.

Let our voices shout to the rooftop!


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