May 25, 2018 | Kathy Conner

YL International Schools/Reaching teenagers from all over the world

“Together we have set our eyes Forward” 

This vision statement for Young Life in the next five years sets the stage for all of us in the mission. The men and women who lead ministry reaching teenagers in International Schools in Africa are in the unique position of introducing Jesus not only to African teenagers but teens from many nations who will likely return to their home countries and spread the Gospel there.

It is my privilege to help create the foundation of training and support to help the YL International School staff and volunteer leaders reach more teenagers for a global impact!

At our most recent training time in April we met in Kigali, Rwanda, hosted by Area Director, Micki Seger. Young Life International Schools ministry is currently taking place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Arusha, Tanzania, Kigali, Rwanda, Nairobi, Kenya (with a partner ministry), Lilongwe, Malawi and a new Area Director moving to Blantyre, Malawi. Young Life International Schools Ministry is one of the innovative ways that we can reach more teenagers and thrives when done in harmony with the local national Young Life staff.

That harmony was expressed in worship on our last night together as we sang and prayed with and for one another. Micki Seger, the Area Director in Kigali, Rwanda wants to reach the Asian kids no one is reaching in Kigali. Heidi Sanchez, a volunteer leader and teacher at Haven of Peace Academy from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania wants to reach more Tanzanian teenagers who are Muslim.  Darren Cameron, the Area Director in Arusha, Tanzania wants to reach the International Students who feel isolated and bored.

As the Forward vision statement ends….”building relationships with more young people all over the world”…

…it is the sweet spot of who we are in Young Life’s International Schools Ministry to be laser focused on reaching teenagers from all over the world who just happen to be right in front of us in schools all over the continent of Africa and the Middle East!


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