Agnes Koroma* – Sierra Leone

Area Director

Agnes is strong and hardworking, with a friendly and warm disposition. Agnes grew up as the daughter of a pastor and knew about Jesus from an early age. She first met Jesus at the age of 12, when her younger sister got sick. After hearing of the illness, her family entered a time of prayer and fasting. Then, Agnes describes that God “started working in a way that she got well without any problems…there is a God, when you call upon Him, He will answer.” This is when we began a real relationship with Jesus and is still following Him today. In 2009, Agnes got involved with Young Life. She was hesitant to get involved, and vowed just to observe for a while, but her kids went to the very first club. After the fourth club, her kids came home and said “mommy, you need to join this organization…it’s all about Jesus.” Agnes attended her first Young Life club and realized how amazing it was, and how perfectly it fit her desire to serve Jesus. She began praying and asking God if Young Life was where He wanted he and felt called to join the ministry. She served as a staff associate starting in 2015 and became full-time staff in 2017. Now, Agnes works as Area Director of Young Life in the eastern region of Bo. We are so thankful for Agnes’s faithful and diligent leadership!

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