Sponsorships sustain Young Life Africa

Staff and country sponsorships provide a reliable source of funding for the operating costs of Young Life Africa/Middle East as well as provide a foundation for a Sponsor to enter into direct mission partnership with Area or Regional Directors in Africa and the Middle East.  Camp sponsorships allow a donor to engage directly with the journey of a kid as they attend a Young Life camp.

Sponsor a Staff or Country

Together, staff and sponsors enter into mission partnership to reach kids and develop leaders across Africa and the Middle East. Sponsorship provides sustainable resources to fuel this mission. A sponsor’s financial commitment directly supports staff and ministry costs in the field. If fully funded, nearly 100% of in-country operational expenses are supported by staff and country sponsors. By joining African and Middle Eastern staff in direct mission partnership, sponsors are able to build transformative, life-long relationships with those in the field.


Sponsor a Camp

Transformation happens at Young Life Camp. Kids pour in from every neighborhood and community, along the Young Life leader who has been with them in their homes and schools, forming relationships and modeling a life in Christ. Over three days at camp, these kids are given the time of their lives and are introduced to Jesus Christ. Before they board the bus to return home, these kids are given an opportunity to make a commitment to follow this Jesus they have learned about at camp. It costs only $50 to send an African kid to Young Life camp; an entire camp of kids and leaders can be sponsored for $7,500 with our Camp Match program. Thousands of kids (over 2/3 of those that attend) give their lives to Christ at Young Life camps in Africa every year. These kids return home with the leader that brought them and begin the journey of discipleship.

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Sponsor a Student

Our Developing Global Leaders program allows selected Young Life Africa volunteer leaders to participate in a four-year leadership program, which includes a full scholarship to a local university, life-skills mentoring, and leadership training. These students continue to serve as volunteer Young Life leaders in their communities.

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