Agness Pantaleo – Tanzania

Area Director

Before Agness was born, her father deserted her mother and three older siblings. Six years later Agness’ mother remarried, but he also passed away when Agness was 13. For many years, Agness and her siblings begger for food and shelter while her mom made and sold an illegal alcoholic beverage in hopes of making ends meet. Amidst it all, Agness found a deep passion for playing soccer. Through soccer, she met a man who promised to marry her. Out of naivety and depression, Agness moved in with him and felt relieved to be taken care of. Soon after she got pregnant and this same man who offered her hope left her once again hopeless and alone. Agness was crushed. While she was pregnant she could not play soccer but she continued to coach a local team. It was during this time that she met a Young Life leader in the area who was also a soccer coach. She was so touched by how she saw this leader coach his soccer team. This coach began to invite Agness to Young Life club and campaigners. Slowly, Agness’s life began to change by her involvement in Young Life. She learned about the love God has for her and wanted to run after it. In 2011 Agness herself became a Young Life leader and today, she is an area director in Arusha.

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