Ann Mutiso* – South Africa

Area Director

Ann Mutiso serves as an area director in South Africa. She’s been involved in Young Life for multiple years, starting out as a club kid, then a volunteer leader and is now on staff. She served as area director in Kenya for a few years, and has now transitioned to South Africa. She excels in leading Campaigners, Discovery Bible Study and doing programs. She’s innovative and loves the Lord.

Ann is described by her peers as loving, caring and God-fearing. She first encountered Jesus was when she was in form 2, on a Sunday at church school service.

“I was raised in a Christian family, so I was so used to Christianity that I started getting bored with it all, but when I started my high school life things were not easy. I started partying and making other choices that I knew were not honoring to my family or God. Then I started experiencing some change; I could not sleep for a while. I had many bad dreams that made me think twice about believing in God but had this conviction inside me that made me say yes to Him on a personal level and I did. Since then I am so glad I made that choice. I got involved with Young Life in the year 2010 through one leader George Omwenga, at Likoni Mombasa.”

We are so thankful for Ann’s thoughtful and faithful leadership!

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