Ansumana Mansaray* – Sierra Leone

Area Director

Ansumana had been hearing about Jesus little over 15 years but having a personal relationship with him was missing. Attending a revival at a local church was a turnaround for him. The message of repentance and Jesus’ willingness to forgive us even in our worst deeds resonated with Ansumana. Without delay, Ansumana wholeheartedly answered the call of Jesus and became a new person in Christ. Ansumana got to know about Young Life in 2013 when James Fayah went out for contact work in BO. James shared the mission and vision with him, and he accepted to be a part of the team. His Courageous, Humble, and confident display of leadership skills helped James build a strong team in BO. Ansumana left BO after a few years and moved to Kenema where he’s currently serving as an Area Director and making a huge impact in the lives of kids.

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