Behailu Gebremedihin – Ethiopia

Area Director

Growing up, Behailu lived with his mother and 2 siblings, as his father had walked out on the family before Behailu was born. While he was still young, his mother and sister passed away. Due to the tragic losses of both women, Behailu found himself getting involved in bad behavior. When a girl Behailu was interested in invited him to go to Young Life club, he went, and ended up loving it! He continued going and was asked by his leader to go to camp the following summer, where he ultimately gave his life to the Lord. Behailu says that his life was transformed at camp. As Behailu got more involved in Young Life and matured in his walk with the Lord, he was invited to participate in the DGL (Developing Global Leaders) program. The DGL program is an opportunity for selected students to gain a university education while they learn from a mentor and serve as a volunteer leader in a local Young Life club. Due to Behailu’s completion of the DGL program and his heart to reach the lost kids of Ethiopia, he is now an area director in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, a town just southeast of Addis Ababa. Behailu is fun-loving, energetic, and joyful and is thankful for his team of volunteer leaders that work to reach kids alongside him.

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