Catherine Israel

Logistics Coordinator

Catherine Israel, or Cathy, serves as a logistics coordinator through which she focuses on key logistical, administrative, and communication aspects of Young Life ministry in Tanzania in order to support field ministry leaders in reaching kids, developing leaders and training. Three words that described her are kind, loyal and responsible.

Catherine recalls her testimony in this way:

“Although I was not born or raised in a Christian background, through my teenage years in secondary school through friends, I came to know of Jesus more personally. I began to read the bible and attended church regularly. But despite the fact that I knew about Christ, and why needed him, I was not saved until my adult years in 2009 when I gave my life fully to Jesus. Being saved and knowing Jesus has given me a new beginning of knowing myself better. I feel relief and freedom from emotional pain and the bondage of sin that I had for many years carried with me. I know because I felt my chains come off, freeing my heart. My life has changed as I live for Christ in full joy. Although it gets tough at times, I know where to run to in my times of need.”

Catherine got involved with Young Life in October 2018 when she began working at the training center in Dar es Salaam. She is a blessing to be around and to work with! 

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