Conilias Paradzai* – Zimbabwe

Area Director

Conilias came from a Christian family who believed in the power of prayer. However, his church preached against reading the Bible and that one person had the Holy Spirit and could tell others what to do. As he realized that some of his peers had knowledge of the Bible, he began to explore it for himself. He started attending a different church and was introduced to Young Life at an outreach camp. The Jesus he heard about at camp was attractive, and he accepted Him as his savior. On his way to a leaders camp, Conilias became sick. The car broke down on the way to the hospital. Fatally dehydrated, the three men with him prayed for his life. He was healed. That watershed moment in his life is when he decided to commit to the mission of Young Life. Today, Conilias leads 22 clubs with almost 200 leaders; they reach more than 1,200 teenagers a week.


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