Cynthia Munezero – Rwanda*

Logistics Coordinator

Cynthia is described as a God fearing, humble and committed woman.

She shares, “I was born in a Roman Catholic family, where prayers were to be recited as a poem. After joining university, I saw that as a routine after being challenged by my friend at campus. I started to look for a church where I would feel comfortable and feel like am in a good relationship with God. By then my fiancé was also pushing me to look for a church because we were about to get married in 2015. In Dec. 2015, I got a church and I started to worship in that church and I felt comfortable. Three months later in February I got baptized. In August 2016 a month after my wedding, I got diagnosed with colon cancer, by then I had no other choice rather than to pray and enter in a deep relationship with God. That’s how I became a Christian. Throughout the treatment process God revealed himself to me and healed me completely. I saw the hand of God and I will remain in His presence.

I first heard about Young Life from a KICS student who is a friend. Later I heard that there is was a job vacancy. I applied without knowing what it was and after I did an interview, a few days later, Micky invited me into a leaders’ training and that’s where I got to know what Young Life was and how it works. A month after trainings, I got a call telling me that I got a job and that’s how I started working as a logistics coordinator. Now, I do ministry in YoungLives with teen moms in my free time.”

Cynthia now serves as an area director. We are so thankful for her humble leadership!\

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