Dan Bizima* – Rwanda

Area Director

Dan grew up as a refugee in Tanzania, as his family had fled the genocide in Rwanda. He was raised in a non-Christian family and through his life he sought places to fill the void he felt in his soul. In early high school, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol and continued on this path for five long years. He explains that he would “get very drunk but not feel happy.” One day, confused why he couldn’t feel fulfilled anymore by the substance abuse, he saw a church. “I can’t explain it but I felt my heart saying ‘Enter.’ I tried to ignore the voice but it continued, ‘Enter, enter.'” The preacher was speaking about the gospel of Christ, and as Dan was listening he explains he really kept wondering why he was there but something kept him in that church. “It could have only been God that led me there.” The voice he had heard in his heart spoke again and said, “Be saved.” Dan listened to the Lord’s voice in his heart that day and has been pursuing Him ever since. Today, Dan serves as an area director in Kigali. He is a meek, kind and humble servant who stands strong in his faith as he walks daily with kids for the cause of Christ, listening to the voice in his heart.

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