Dieudonne “Bruce” Ndagijimana – Rwanda

Area Director

Bruce was born into a Christian family of six children: four boys and two girls. He had a happy childhood and loved his family. However, in 2006, his dad passed away and his life took a negative turn. Bruce turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his sadness, and he dropped out of school because his mom could no longer afford to pay for his education.

In 2009, a friend invited Bruce to Young Life club. At club, he met his Young Life leader, George. George befriended Bruce and introduced him to Christ. Bruce decided to follow Jesus and became a Young Life leader. He thanks God for who he is and sees how God has completely transformed him into a man of vision with many goals for his future.

Bruce now does ministry at a school called GS Rugando. He is a brave, attentive, and a humble leader and friend.


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