Ernest Njenga* – Kenya

Area Director

Ernest does ministry in Malindi town in the Northern Coast of Kenya. He is savvy, determined and patient. He met the Lord through his grandmother. “I started going to Sunday school at a young age. I met Christ as the Lord and Savior when I completed my primary school. Jesus was so endearing to me because he did so much for me. I just needed him right by my side when at my mother disappeared and I wasn’t able to see her for over a year. At the same time my grandmother was very sick and so I would just put my hope in God for her health to get better. At such a needy moment I accepted Christ in a summon and committed myself to serve him.

For me, meeting the Lord was the realization of how close Jesus is to us, I needed a friend, a caregiver and above all a forgiver of all my iniquities. He relieved me from the load of the burdens I had at the time.”

Ernest got involved in Young Life when he was in high school when Bosco and Matilda started doing ministry there. The love of Christ he saw in these leaders kept drawing him to go to club. He had never felt love like this, even from his parents. He describes the Young Life leaders having “an aura of love with them.” He shared that these leaders were such great role models as he witnessed them sacrifice their lives for teenagers, and it was at that point that the desire to volunteer after school with Young Life crept in. He started attending Campaigners each week and then took on the role to mobilize his friends to attend club each week. Later, he received the DGL scholarship. “After graduating from college, I did Young Life in the neighborhood that I lived and started it in the school that I was teaching. God has since graced me to join the Kenyan noble team of area directors from where I serve God from. I enjoy serving and I am forever looking forward for more opportunities to serve.”

Ernest now serves an area director in the northern part of the coast at the Kilifi County in Malindi Subcounty. Malindi is a rich ground to do ministry as it has both rural and urban setting. “I am forever thankful to God for such a great platform to serve him.”

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