Esther Kangethe – Kenya

Area Director

Esther leads Young Life ministry in Thika, Kenya. She initially was a volunteer leader in Ruiru, Kenya. Her family didn’t have much, but Esther passionately invested her time and talent in Young Life. In an answered prayer, Esther was blessed with a job opportunity in Murang’a; however, it was two hours away from her ministry in Ruiru. Esther took the job offer and was so committed to reaching young adults with the gospel that she drove back and forth constantly. As the senior leaders of Young Life Kenya noticed her level of commitment, effectiveness and fervor for ministry, they invited her to start a new ministry in her new town of Murang’a. Esther gladly accepted the invitation and recruited other leaders. In order to show them what Young Life was, she even took them on the two-hour ride back to Ruiru for them to fully experience and understand the mission of Young Life.

Since then, Young Life in Murang’a has developed and grown as Esther has recruited, trained and mentored more and more leaders, so much so that she was freed up to move to Thika now to start yet another new Young Life ministry.

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