Ghislain Gerard* – Senegal

Area Director

Ghislain grew up knowing Jesus from childhood because his mom and dad always took him to church and showed him the way. Ghislain and all his siblings accepted Jesus at an early age. He got to know about Young Life through his friend, Antoine. Antoine visited Ghislain’s home one evening and told him about the ministry. Ghislain gave it a try by visiting the club Antoine was leading. He found it interesting because of the kids he saw, and he was also responsible for kids in his community at that time, and their parents trusted him with them. Ghislain has been helping to transform kids’ life, not only in his community, but in areas where he does his Young Life ministry. Since that first time at club, Ghislain has been fully immersed in Young Life and today is an area director.

*Sponsorship opportunity available


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