Harry Nanthambwe* – Malawi

Area Director

Harry is focused, sensitive and compassionate. He is committed to Christ and mentoring kids, in part because he grew up longing for someone to guide him in his relationship with God.

Harry spent his youth in a troubled home. His father was verbally and physically abusive to his mother, which left a deep impact on him. When he was still young, his father died, leaving his mother to care for the family. His mother struggled greatly. In addition, Harry’s aunts and uncles neglected his mother in a time of need, so Harry often had to step up to provide for the family. This caused Harry to become bitter, distant and unforgiving. He grew to hate himself, overwhelmed in shame at who he had become, and even contemplated taking his life because everything was so difficult.

While growing up in this pain, he was also exposed the gospel at age 14. He wanted to know God and prayed for salvation for many times growing up, but didn’t know what it meant and had no one to help him grow in his faith. In 2011, his mother passed away and life seemed to go even more downhill. He would attend church regularly, but never felt comfortable enough to share his struggles with the community. Though he considered himself a Christian at this point, he was greatly struggling.

One Sunday, he went to church after an anger-filled episode from the night before. The preacher spoke on anger management, and how anger leaves us vulnerable to sin. Harry felt as though this sermon was tailored for him, and he heard God speaking to him on that day. That same year, he began being mentored. His mentor helped him address the deep issues in his heart. He confessed his sins and recommitted his life to Jesus.

Harry was first exposed to Young Life in 2010 when a leader invited him to attend a leader meeting. From here, he was trained and started serving Young Life as a volunteer. In December 2017, he became an area director in Lilongwe, where he currently does ministry.

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