Harry Nanthambwe* – Malawi

Area Director

When Harry was growing up, his father abused his mother. While he was still young, his father had passed away but his mother struggled to take care of the family and Harry quickly took up the role. This resulted in Harry’s own struggle with anger, shame, and self-hate. As an early teen, Harry attended church regularly but never had someone to talk to about his questions regarding the sermons or his struggles at home. After a while, he heard a sermon about anger that felt personal as if God had told the preacher about Harry. He responded to God’s call and has been walking with the Lord ever since. That same year he was introduced to a mentor, who helped Harry work through his anger to become a more forgiving person. Harry was introduced to Young Life in 2010 when a leader invited him to attend a leader meeting. Afterward, he was trained and started working with his local Young Life as a volunteer. In December 2017, he started as an area director in Lilongwe North where he continues to serve. 

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